Turbo Twista Pool Slide

The TurboTwister gives you waterpark thrills in your own backyard! Whether it's the rushing water or thrilling dips and curves that you love, the TurboTwister is packed with tons of great features for the entire family. With sturdy molded-in handrails and an enclosed ladder, we've made safety a top priority.The TurboTwister slide has been designed with safety in mind and is compliant with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards. Accommodates sliders up to 124kg.


  • Heavy-duty rotomolded construction

  • Available in right or left curves

  • 2.6 meters in height to hand rails

  • Big ride, with 4.4 meter flume

  • High volume water delivery system

  • Accommodates sliders up to 124 kg.

  • Enclosed ladder and molded handrails for maximum safety