Viron Active Media

Glass filter media may look the same but Viron Active Glass Media has a negative electrical charge which conventional glass does not have. The negative charge applied during the manufacturing process lasts for the life of the media and attracts organic molecules improving the clarity of your pool water over sand or conventional glass. Reacting with chlorine or other sanitisers, the trapped organic material quickly oxidises and prevents the formation of film, bacteria and algae in the filter bed. The negative charge, called the Zeta Potential can be measured in millivolts and continues to work regardless of the pH of your pool water creating effective filtration at all times of the year.


  • Unique actively charged glass media filters 30% more organic material than sand or conventional glass

  • Hinders the growth and build up of slime,  bacteria, algae and viruses in the filter bed

  • Reduces chemical consumption by reducing the amount of chlorine required to sanitise the filter bed

  • Reduces chloramines and unpleasant chlorine smells

  • Active charge lasts for the life of the glass media and is consistent across a wide pH range

  • Reduces backwash water leaving costly chemicals and heated water in your pool